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Buy Hotmail Accounts at Buy Social Accounts, a genuine and trusted email account provider. The accounts are completely reliable and clean, without any spam history whatsoever.

Why should you buy a Hotmail account?

Email is the lifeblood of business communication. These days, it seems like everyone is using Gmail, but that doesn’t mean your business should too. If you’re looking for an alternative to Gmail, Microsoft’s Hotmail service is a great option. Here are three reasons you should buy a Hotmail account for your business:


1. Hotmail is more professional than Gmail. Hotmail has a more professional appearance than Gmail, which can give your business a more polished image.

2. Hotmail is more secure than Gmail. Gmail has been hacked more times than we can count, but Hotmail is much more secure.

3. Hotmail integrates with other Microsoft products. If you’re already using Microsoft products like Office 365 or Outlook, it makes sense to use the same email provider.


How secure are Hotmail accounts?

Hotmail accounts are highly secure, making them a great option for businesses. Microsoft takes data security very seriously, and Hotmail is rigorously tested to protect your information. Additionally, you can set up two-factor authentication for even more security. This means that you will need to provide two pieces of identification, such as a username and password, as well as a code that is sent to your phone, in order to log in to your account. This helps to ensure that only authorized users can access your account.


Do Hotmail accounts come with customer service?

Yes, all Hotmail accounts come with 24/7 customer service. You can contact customer service through email, phone or chat, and they will be happy to help you with any questions or concerns you have. Additionally, all Hotmail accounts come with 1 TB of storage space, so you can safely store all your important files and documents. With a Hotmail account, you’ll get the best of both worlds: reliable customer service and ample storage space.


Hotmail vs Gmail

Although Gmail is a great email service, Hotmail is still a good option for your business. Here are a few reasons:

-Hotmail offers more storage space than Gmail- up to 50GB!

-You can create up to 500 email aliases with Hotmail, which can help you organize your contacts and separate work and personal messages.

-Hotmail comes with a built-in calendar and task manager, which can be helpful for scheduling and organizing your day.

-If you’re looking for an affordable email solution, Hotmail is the way to go. It’s free for up to 5GB of storage.


How much do Hotmail accounts cost?

Prices for Hotmail accounts start at just $3 per month. You can also choose a plan that includes a custom domain name for your business, as well as additional storage and features. Having a professional email account is a must for any business, and Hotmail makes it easy and affordable to get one. With a Hotmail account, you’ll have access to world-class spam and virus protection, as well as Microsoft Outlook, which is a powerful email client that lets you manage your contacts and calendar, create messages, and more. So don’t wait any longer—invest in a Hotmail account today!



Though it’s not as well-known as Gmail, Hotmail is a very secure and reliable email service that’s perfect for businesses. Hotmail accounts come with 24/7 customer service, and they’re very affordable. Plus, with over 400 million users, your business can reach a large audience with a Hotmail account.


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